Whoa! What happened to May?

Been a busy month or so since I last posted, work, family and every thing else conspiring to stop me blogging. Never mind, we’ve done plenty of work in the garden and the bare beds are now overflowing with growth…and Couch Grass…and Marestail! Oh well, these are things I’ll have a go at dealing with in the fallow months, in the meantime I’ll keep pulling and hoeing.

Anyway, it’s tipping it down with rain today and we’re due a thunderstorm that’s making my head ache so I’ve not got much from the plot to show you but I do have some pictures of my Carolina Reaper Chilli plant. I bought ten seeds of this record breaker on the internet and sowed seven, giving the final three to a lass from the allotments whose boyfriend is a big chilli freak.


I only got one to germinate, as did Sarah but, since these are a fairly new variety that isn’t really stable yet I guess that’s better than nothing. It’s grown away strongly and been repotted twice and it’s now in it’s final site in our double glazed porch. I decided to keep it isolated from the other peppers in the polytunnel for fear of cross pollination as I’ve had a lot of success saving chilli seed in the past and hope to save an envelope full of these. Anyway, here’s the plant.


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